it’s mookie time…


what is mookie?


mookie is a clever little thing.

cap on it’s a massager, cap off, it’s a brush – two perfect ways to enjoy some quality time with your pet. pretty smart right?


brush me

you know that tickle spot? the one that makes their back leg twitch and their ears wiggle? pop the top off and use the brush to give him a welcome scratch after a long day’s play (behind the ears works a treat!). it’s also great at smoothing out any little tangles, helping to keep that coat super healthy.

massage me

we think that a massage is the best way to treat your pet. leave the cap on and try circular motions for a relaxing treat or run down the backbone for a spine tingle.

play with me

with all of life’s busy moments mookie is the perfect way to unwind and make the most of time with your pet after a long day of rushing around, or whilst you’re on the go.