About mookie

Our story

Our story starts in a tangle of goose grass. Doddy, a little Westie terrier, spent a sunny Sunday diving in and out of hedgerows and thickets of grass. He was one happy chap!

Once he got home though, his owner, Patricia, found that he had brought most of the hedgerow back with him, but traditional dog brushes were too coarse and rough to remove the knots of tricky goose grass that had got stuck in his fur from all that playtime.

Doddy also hated being brushed and Patricia needed something that could fit in her hand to gently remove any little tangles. And with that, the idea for the mookie was born!

What Patricia didn’t realise though, was that the thing mookie actually did best was give Doddy a bit of much needed fuss. So what started off as something practical, pretty soon turned into something really special. Doddy was jumping on the sofa for a massage before bed and a scratch on his belly when he wanted to play. Patricia had unwittingly created the best excuse for some family bonding time, all the time!

To top it off, thanks to fantastic designers and manufacturers, mookie has been produced completely in Britain.