Horse with a thirst


Horses have a very sweet tooth! They love polos, biscuits and anything that is sweet.

I once had a lovely old horse called Barney. He would come cantering down the field where I kept him if he heard me unwrapping some mints. I would worry that he would not stop in time and run straight into me, but he always managed to put on the brakes in an instant! It was still quite unsettling though.

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A Ferret Tale


When I was a little girl my uncle used to have ferrets and said they made great pets. A few years on I was in Norfolk on holiday. I went with my daughter to a local country fayre. There was an old man selling ferrets from half a wooden barrel. I thought about what my uncle had said and decided to buy one for my daughter.

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Where there’s a wire – there’s a way


I once had a big black lop-eared rabbit who had a very different way of celebrating New Year’s Eve. He loved all the lights that were sparkling away on the tree and around the house, specifically he loved to chew on the wires! I had to go into every room in the house and turn off all the lights at the socket, just in case he did fancy a little nibble at midnight, so he would not come to any harm. Continue reading